Our Services

Management Consulting

Where an organization is performing within an industry or market is a direct reflection of the managerial skills and expertise that are available to an organization.  Managerial skills and expertise come from both internal (organizational executives and managers) and external sources (management consultants).  Travers Consulting partners with our clients to provide managerial skills and expertise by leveraging our external management consulting knowledge.  Below is a listing of our management consulting services.

Strategic Planning

An organization’s strategy defines what the organization is doing or will do in the future, along with how it will accomplish these strategic tasks.  All organizations have a strategy, whether they know it or not.  A planned strategy is one where the organization has formally developed a published strategic plan.  An emergent strategy is a strategy that develops over time.  So, if your organization has developed a formal strategic plan the emergent strategy is the one that results from the implementation of the formal strategic plan.  You should expect that the planned strategy and the emergent strategy will be different.  How different depends on how well the plan was designed and how well organizational governance mechanisms encouraged stakeholder behaviors to support the planned strategy.  What if your organization does not have a formal strategic plan?  You still have a strategy, an emergent one, that is based on organizational culture and norms of behavior. 

Travers Consulting can analyze your organization to identify the current emergent strategy.  If you have a formal planned strategy, we can compare the emergent to the planned strategy to identify implementation gaps.  If you don’t have a formal planned strategy, we can assist you with developing, implementing, and monitoring one.

Software Development

These days most consulting companies offer software development services.  We offer a similar set of software development skills such as Java, C++, C Sharp, analytics, artificial intelligence, web development, mobile app development, and integration.  What makes us different from our competitors is our strategy to focus only on healthcare industry solutions and to integrate our management consulting knowledge into each software package.  Our tacit skills and knowledge of healthcare are a competitive advantage which we leverage extensively for our clients.

Travers Consulting provides a vast array of custom software development services.  Let’s discuss your needs and identify how we can add value to your organization.

IT Outsourcing

Organizations have limited resources and focus.  Each organizational task that is does not facilitate the mission of the organization takes resources away from mission critical, value driven activities.  Outsourcing has always been an option, but it was not until the 1980s that it began to grow and capture our attention.  During the 1990s outsourcing peaked and has stabilized as a necessary component of organizations.  No longer are the boundaries of the organization limited to internal functional units.  Today it is a common tenant to outsource all/most non-core organizational activities.  Commonly these activities in the healthcare provider industry have been human resources, payroll, hospital and professional billing, clinical staff augmentation, and information technology.  By outsourcing, organizations are able to acquire non-core resources at market value and quality at levels equal to their competitors.

Travers Consulting provides IT outsourcing for training, report development, desktop support, and help desk services.